Why Am I So Tired?

By Catherine Strang

Worried about what may be causing your tiredness? Does exhaustion seem to come out of nowhere? Do you feel constantly weary? In this concise and informative book find the following: 
  • Why so many people now are tired, wired and sick

  • Holistic approach – a look at all the possible causes of fatigue from physical to energetic

  • Learn how to increase your life force - a simple method that also relaxes body and mind

  • How fear and stress impacts energy reserves and how to begin the recovery process

  • What is adrenal gland burnout and why is so devastating for our health

  • Systemic physical factors causing fatigue

  • A "brain dump" exercise - pull worry and chaos out of the mind

  • How blocked emotion and subconscious beliefs can cause fatigue

  • Discover a heart based exercise taking you deep into your intuition – how to ask the body and subconscious mind questions and receive answers

  • Electromagnetic Frequencies – from harmful to planetary to cosmic - how and why they are making us more tired and possibly ill

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So many people these days feel blocked, exhausted and are in emotional pain. Helping them reach a sense of freedom within body and mind is what motivates all that I do.
I know firsthand how debilitating fatigue is and as I have healed this in myself wish to help others reach a place of health and strength.